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ThIs is a government certified ISI marked water tank for safe water storage. Its Carbon black is most durable and has highest UV protection. The insi...
Triple Layer Water Tank
It is available in various colours like Blue, Green, White, Yellow and Black. Black colour has extra UV protection.Sizes available in litres are:...
JK Polyplast
Stands for innovation, durability, reliability, value-addition and quality
As an emerging water storage tank company in Jharkhand, we at JK Polyplast have always been focused on constantly reinforcing our domestic business and enhancing our prevailing market standing in the region. Based in Ranchi the capital of Jharkhand and serving the quality products to nation.

JK Polyplast has established itself as the brand in plastic water storage tanks. Plastic water tank manufacturing is the very first step of the company in which it has been playing a successful game.We stands for innovation, durability, reliability, value-addition and quality since inception.Our main aim is complete customer satisfaction .Our products comes with years guarantee.
Brief your requirement and we will work with you to offer solutions that match them.
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Manufactured under strict quality control in accordance with International Security Standards.
Our products are uniquely engineered to provide ceaseless performance thus resulting in complete customer satisfaction.
We are one of the fastest growing companies in Water Storage products in Jharkhand.
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